If you're considering buying a forklift or forklifts, you want to rent one, you need information about how to use them, or you're looking for forklift safety information, you've come to the right place. The Forklifts Guide has all kinds of valuable details on various brands of forklifts, and will help you come to the right decision about which one you'll want. If you need anything related to forklifts, you've come to the right place. 





        Forklifts are essential for a variety of businesses - if you're running any kind of business that frequently moves things around, you will often run into a need for heavy lifting equipment. Unfortunately, there really isn't that much information available on the Internet for people looking to buy or use one - this page attempts to gather as much useful information on forklifts into one place so that people who need them can come and take a look. It's often much harder to find this kind of stuff for industrial products - there just aren't as many consumers, so it's much more difficult to get it easily.

Forklifts Information:

The Forklifts Guide is categorized according to the kind of information you're looking for, so take a look around to find something that fits your specific needs.

General Information Pages on Forklifts:

Forklift Safety - A page with some important recommendations about forklift safety, courses, etc. - If you want training for your employees, go here.

Forklift Accidents - Information on forklift accident statistics, prevention, and some stories of easily preventable accidents.

Forklift Training - Where to get training courses and training videos for your employees.

Forklifts For Sale - Listings of forklifts for sale online along with information on the traditional ways to buy them.

Pre-operational Checklists For Forklifts - A couple of resources for your internal procedures in operating the a forklift.

Specific Brands of Forklifts - Review Pages and Information:

Nissan Forklifts - This page gives product reviews for Nissan Forklifts, a major brand in industrial use.

Toyota Forklift - Reviews of the forklift models produced by Toyota, another major producer.

Caterpillar Forklift - Information on forklifts by Caterpillar.

Komatsu Forklift - Information on Komatsu, a company that makes good gas-powered forklifts as well as a wide variety of smaller, alternative lifts.

Hyster Forklift - A company that makes quality forklifts and also makes very high weight capacity lifts.

Clark Forklift - Another company that has a long-established brand, but it's gone through some reorganizations.

Crown Forklift - Crown doesn't have as many models that look like your traditional conceptions, but they are particularly focused on electric-based engines and alternate designs for use in warehouses and stores.

Raymond Forklifts - Another good company, they've got several design features that are pretty innovative, especially in improving electric engines.

Taylor Forklift - A subsidiary of a bigger industrial company, Taylor makes traditional forklifts designed for heavier loads.

Mitsubishi Forklifts - Another subsidiary company that has a pretty wide range of lift products.

Daewoo Forklifts - A Korean company, but there's really not that much information on the web on their products in English.

TCM Forklifts - A Japanese company that produces forklifts out of South Carolina.

Linde Forklift - A company that sticks mostly to traditional designs of electric and gas powered models.

Lull Forklift - A minor company without much information on the Internet on them.

Used Forklift - Information on what to think about and look for when you're buying a used forklift.

Parts and Repair for Forklifts:

Forklift Parts - General info on where to get replacement parts for your forklift.

Forklift Batteries - If you need a battery for your forklift, take a look here. This page will show you some easy places to get them online and will provide you with basic safety information on changing and charging them.

Forklift Tire - It's a good idea to keep replacements on hand, and this page will tell you where to get tires that will fit.

Forklift Repair - Information on where to find someone to repair your forklift and what to know if you want to try it yourself.

Types of Forklifts:

Narrow Aisle Forklift - A kind that has been redesigned so that it fits in narrower spaces of warehouses, allowing you to save storage space but still be able to get at stuff.

Rough Terrain Forklift - This is the kind you need if you've got a lumberyard, construction yard, or any other outdoor area where you'll have to drive it over unpaved areas.

Electric Forklift - Mainly used indoors and in warehouses, these are more energy efficient and save you money in the long run.

Telescopic Forklift - This kind has the lift prongs at the end of a long arm - it's basically a crane with a forklift on the end. That gives you more versatility and height in lifting the load.

Other Heavy Equipment Information:


Hitachi Excavators - A Japanese company that sells several variations of excavator.

Construction Work - search for local work in construction.

Chicago Forklifts - RHI Lifts is a new and used forklift dealer in Chicago, IL.

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